and Afters


"I started seeing Lindsay just 1.5 months ago after feeling frustrated with my stubborn acne. I’d seen numerous dermatologists but was never able to achieve full clarity with my skin. Lindsay worked with me to evaluate all of my existing products and we discovered that I had a sensitivity to several ingredients, she gave some alternative recommendations and started me on a new skin care protocol. After only ONE month I saw improved texture in my skin and clarity throughout my face!! I’m so thrilled I found Lindsay, and am already recommending her to friends and family!"


Lindsay has helped me out greatly in just a short 5 months! Before going to see her I struggled with so much acne, tried what feels like hundreds of products, and eventually went to see a Derm. After being unsuccessful for so many years, I found her on Google and it’s one of the best decisions I have made! My skin has changed drastically and I will forever be thankful. When she gives you advice she is teaching you to take care of your skin in the long run, not just throwing information at you. Lindsay truly takes her time and is so methodical. She will not only give you skincare advice but advice in general; haircare, supplements, etc if she thinks it could possibly be affecting your skin. Like I said best decision and couldn’t be more grateful. Will only be seeing her from here on out!


"I started my acne journey with Lindsay back in Jan of 2022, and it was the best decision I could’ve made. I’ve struggle with my acne basically my whole life, and thought I’d never get clear skin, but with Lindsay’s help I’m the clearest I’ve been my whole life in just under a year!!!! Thrilled is an understatement. I’m so happy I chose Lindsay to help me. I’d give her 100 stars if I could!!!"


"I started seeing Lindsay for skincare in Feb of 2022. Sticking to her guided routines and product suggestions I started seeing my acne clear up! Prior to seeing Lindsay I had gone to dermatologists multiple times and didn't have improvements. Together we were able to clear my skin and keep it clear without prescriptions and even had my current dermatologist comment on how great my skin looks!"


"I used to be very insecure about my skin and the coloring of my skin and it wasn't until I met with Lindsay that I actually started to gain my confidence back. I tried many different products and it wasn't until I met with her when I found the products that were right for my skin. I have very sensitive skin, and her products did wonders on my skin. She is very knowledgeable and knows what she is talking about. Lindsay cares about her clients and truly wants her clients to feel the best that they possibly can. She is so easy to talk too and I had such an amazing experience. She truly changed my life for the better and I would recommend her to anyone!"


"I was recommended to Lindsay through my cousin who’s a makeup artist and always asked her about safe makeup ingredients and her tips to achieve clear skin. I have been dealing with severe cystic acne for over 10 years. When I say I’ve tried everything…I really did. As soon as I started with Lindsay I felt completely heard and understood. She was so educated and extremely knowledgeable. When I had my first appointment with her I was nervous that my case was too severe and that she would recommend me to a dermatologist. Instead, she talked me through every step and never lost hope. I have been going to her for almost 2 years and my skins transformation is more than I could ask for. She is incredible with what she does, and if you’re hesitating at all to try again or you’ve lost all hope, trust me-she is your solution! I’m so grateful she was mine"


"I have been having some major “maskne” on my chin the last couple of months. I was recommended to go see Lindsay and oh my gosh am I so grateful that I did! She is the best!! So knowledgeable, cautious, educational and really wants what’s best for me and my skin. Her studio is so clean and I feel so safe being there. And her facials... oh my goodness were they amazing!! My skin feels and looks great! I can’t recommend her enough!!"