I'm Lindsay.

I'm a licensed esthetician with twelve years experience and a passion for treating acne.

As a former acne sufferer, I’ve made it my mission to help clients achieve clear skin and stay clear. I am constantly researching the most effective ways to gain control of your acne once and for all so you can stop worrying about your skin and start feeling confident about your skin.

I graduated from the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics in Woburn, MA in 2011 after completing a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts- Amherst in 2008. I hold multiple post-graduate certifications in Acne Management as well as certifications in Dermaplaning, Rosacea treatment, Advanced exfoliation options and more.


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In 2016, I opened Lindsay Sullivan Skincare in Foxboro, MA with the mission to deliver exceptional treatments with strategic guidance on how to achieve and maintain clear skin.

Prior to making it my mission to help fellow acne challenged skin types, I went through years struggling with my own acne. I often received generalized or conflicting solutions from professionals, then sent on my way with a “good luck” or given heavy duty prescriptions all with minimal results. Like you, I diligently tried every product and system professionals recommended but never felt confident, until finally, I was tired of being dismissed and confused. I knew there had to be a better way. 

I studied countless books, interviewed hundreds of clients and began creating a new method that will help you break the cycle of breakouts once and for all. Don’t give up! You can be clear too. The results speak for themselves. 

Gain control of your skin, once and for all with acne management


Acne Management


Acne Management

The Breakout Cycle

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We will work 1:1 in person to discover hidden triggers for your acne. Enzyme or superficial chemical peel will be performed with extractions to speed up clearing of your skin, then High Frequency is utilized to calm and kill acne causing bacteria. You will be given customized home care and a schedule for check-ins to help your skin reach its full potential. 

One 30-minute online face-to-face conversation where we tackle your biggest skin concerns and goals. We will work 1:1 Virtually to review and find hidden culprits for your breakouts. Together we will audit your skincare, hair products, supplements and lifestyle contributors that commonly trigger acne. We'll customize home care and we'll schedule check-ins to accelerate changes in your skin.